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Galerie JS re-opens 26th March 2019

Galerie JS re-opens on 26th March 2019 at 10:00.

We'll have new jewellery, including more in our porcelain and solid silver range.

There will also be more of the popular 'Monflanclocks', so please pop in and see us if you're in Monflanquin.

Galerie information

Galerie JS

prince noir monflanquin

Our art gallery is located in the picturesque medievel village of Monflanquin, in the heart of south-west France.

We sell our own paintings and handmade porcelain jewellery.


Spring 2020:

Due to the current covid-19 outbreak and lockdown in France, the gallery is closed until further notice.

We will re-open as soon as we can do so safely.

Find us / Trouvez-nous:


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Galerie JS

J. Sephton, 41 Place des Arcades, 47150 Monflanquin, France
SIREN: 81889029500012    Maison des Artistes (MDA) : SA29700


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