Brexit Update

The UK's departure from the EU customs union at the end of 2020 means we must stop all orders to the UK with immediate effect and until further notice.

Although our products are duty free for export to the UK, there is now a requirement for the buyer to pay UK VAT before collection, plus any charges for collecting the VAT made by the courier. This is in addition to excess paperwork and the need for us to have to register for UK VAT, even though we do not live there.

Despite trying to ascertain these charges, none of our usual couriers can tell us what these charges may amount to, but it is likely that in most cases the charges will amount to much more than the value of the goods.

We apologise for any inconvenience. This has also made it impossible for us to sell though UK based galleries, so we are actively searching for a solution.

Supplies to EU member states remain unaffected.


Floral earrings

Floral porcelain earrings with lace texture and sterling silver fixings
Product SKU 1410
Glaze colour
Size of item (w x h) mm
25 x 25 mm
Sterling silver
No image set
Sales price 22,00 €

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