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Monflanclocks are a range of hand-made stoneware clocks by Jon Sephton.

Every clock is individually cut and assembled from hand-rolled slabs of clay.

Once assembled, the clock body is left to dry slowly and the hole for the movment is cut and the clock is smoothed and the base levelled.

The clocks are then fired in a kiln to just over 1000 degrees centigrade.

Once cool the clock body is wiped clean of any dust and then three coats of glaze are applied by hand.

The clocks are then fired again, but this time to over 1250 degrees.

The body is then ready to have the clock movement fitted. We use only quality German quartz movements which are virtually silent in operation.

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J. Sephton, 41 Place des Arcades, 47150 Monflanquin, France
SIREN: 81889029500012    Maison des Artistes (MDA) : SA29700


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